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I Need a break!

The fall season always fills me with gratitude... for all of the wonder and joy in my life. I am thankful for my family. I adore my kids.

But today... I could not catch my breath! My five-year-old, Felicity, and two-year-old, Todd, were everywhere and I just needed a break. They were seriously going to drive me to drinking and I don't drink... but an afternoon cocktail was sounding good.

"Here you go guys. Use these markers and paint anything... but just let me load the dishwasher!"

The kids accepted my peace offering and began coloring a canvas... and themselves. I was happy to oblige and began loading the dishes.

When my task was completed, I turned to my colorful children. Todd was chewing on a marker and grinned at me through painted lips.

"I expected you to paint everything in sight," I said. "I just didn't think you would chew the marker tips off."

That was a new one on me. Thank goodness for non-toxic markers.


This story and photo of Felicity and Todd were sent in by Tasha Kolar Thompson, Sacramento, CA.

A child's curiosity never ceases to amaze me. The beauty of color going onto a canvas is awe-inspiring until a kid decides to figure out how the color got from the marker to the canvas. Kids always find a way to explore something new and find joy in the process. They are great teachers. I can only laugh when I think… THE KID DID WHAT?


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