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The new layered look is about preparedness!

Charli walked into the bathroom as I was putting on make-up.

“Are you ready to take me to school,” she asked.

I took a look at Charli and a lip pencil careened across my cheek. Heaven help... my two minutes of quiet had ended.

I had just chased Charli’s twin brother, Jordan, down the hall after he had grabbed a box of mini pads out of the grocery bag, yelling, “Come look, Sissy... big stickers!”

Before I could stop Jordan, he proceeded to peel the backing off of my mini pads and adhere all of them to the hall wall.

“Those aren’t your stickers. They’re mommy’s. Now get them off of the wall and put the papers back on!”

Yes... I must admit I made my son put the mini pads back together because I needed them! Case closed!

I began wiping the lipstick from my cheek with a washcloth, trying to cover my grin as Jordan came into the bathroom with most of the mini pads in the box and a few in his hand.

“Why are you wearing all those things to preschool?” Jordan asked.

“I’ve got a plan,” Charli whispered to her unicorn.

“Well, there’s nothing like being prepared,” I said. “Why do you think you need all of those layers?”

“If somebody doesn’t like my skirt, I have three more to pick from... four shirts... three headbands. But nobody messes with my gloved feet!”

(If you read the ‘Shoe Sheriff Post,’ you’ll realize that Charli has a thing for shoes).

“I’m glad you’re wearing shoes that you like,” I said.

“Me too!” She stomped her foot.

“Then why are you worried about which layer to wear?”

“Because Emily might say something and then I can change. See...” Charli took off one of her shirts. “Now it’s different.”

“Yes, it is,” I said. “But do you need to do that?”

Charli looked at herself in the mirror and peeled off a few more layers.

“I like that one, Sissy,” Jordan said.

“This is my favorite. So I’m going to wear it. Emily can’t tell me what shoes or skirt to put on.”

“I’m glad you can think for yourself, Charli. And you definitely have your own style!”


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Feb 23, 2021

Kids are so cute...

Cheri Newell
Cheri Newell
Feb 28, 2021
Replying to

Kids do crazy and make it look cute!!!😜

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