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I love empowering my kids. We start each morning by repeating a positive mantra! I have decks of affirmation cards and sometimes it's a fun game to let them pull a card and repeat a beautiful statement.

Our favorite mantras are:

"Expect Miracles"

"I Am Enough"

"I Am Safe"

These affirmations set the tone for a productive day.

The boys have just created their own powerful and favorite mantra... “BE STRONG! BE KIND! BE SMART! BE ME!” Dax and Gray start each day with these powerful words. They have added their own sign language! Take a look at the video...

And we even made our own T-shirt...


These photos and video of Dax and Greyson were sent in by Danica Green, Palos Verdes, CA.

It's a New Year! Be still my heart! These kids are creating a better world with these powerful words. I see the love in their sweet faces and the power in their souls. We should all take a page from their playbook! Kids never cease to amaze me with the lessons they teach us. I watch and ask…


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