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Charli and Jordan had just come home from kindergarten. My twins were excited to make Valentines for their classmates. They had an entire week to get their cards ready before delivering them to school.

"Mommy, I need red construction paper and some colored markers," Charli said.

"Let's use the glitter pens," Jordan called out.

They began cutting and coloring. Paper, pens, and glitter were flying. I think they managed one card each that afternoon.

"Let's clean up, eat dinner, and then we can work some more tomorrow."

The next day, we began the process again with more paper, pens, and glitter flying. At this rate, we would complete our task when they graduated kindergarten in the spring.

"Would you like to go to the store tomorrow and each pick out a package of Valentines?"

"Yay... hooray!" Jordan shouted. "I want Valentines with cars."

"I want a princess." Charli clapped her hands.

The next afternoon... a not so quick trip to the store for cards... along with heart candy... and we were finally home. We got Valentines in envelopes by dinner. My husband, Byron, got to the kitchen table and began his teasing.

"Charli, do you have a special card for someone in your class?"

Charli covered her mouth with her hand and giggled.

"Charli has a crush... an imaginary crush!" Byron grinned.

"Dad! It is not imaginary when you get a kiss on the cheek!"


This story and photo of Charli and Jordan (age 3) were contributed by Cheri Cameron Newell.

A little girl can have a big girl crush and a kiss on the cheek that is cherished! I love watching kids at play, interacting with each other and adults. The conversation is always honest and hilarious. I wait and wonder...

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