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Dax looks older than a two-year-old because he's tall like his dad. Dax copies everything his ten-year-old brother, Greyson, does.

Grey loves skateboarding. He practices his skills on the backyard patio with Dax following him around. Every chance Dax gets, he climbs onto Grey's skateboard... so we got Dax a skateboard too.

"Mom, I want to go to a real skateboard park!" This became Grey's mantra... over and over.

He wore me down and we ended up in Redondo Beach. Kids were skating all over... bigger... older kids. Grey suddenly became shy and wouldn't drop his board.

Dax walked to the middle of the park and yelled...

"Dad, drop it. Right here!"

Cameron complied, dropping Dax's skateboard in the middle of zooming kids.

Dax fearlessly began to maneuver his way up and down a ramp. He amazed the older kids... especially when they noticed a diaper hanging out of his jeans.

"Dude... how old are you?" a big kid asked.

"I'm two and a half," Dax proudly proclaimed.

He finally coaxed Grey to join him!

Cameron turned to me saying, "Fearlessness runs in our family."


This story and photos of Dax and Grey were sent in by Danica and Cameron Greene.

Kids are fearless creatures. They believe they can do anything. Nothing is too difficult to consider. And when a sibling needs a little push, sometimes the younger kid is there to do the pushing. I love watching and learning…

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