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Felicity can fly!

"I want to fly! I want to fly!"

This is Felicity's mantra.

We call this bundle of energy... Fizzy.

One of our friends, Vincent, is an indoor skydiver. After hearing this, Fizzy went nuts.

"I want to fly! I want to fly!"

I decided to devise a way for her to earn her wings.

"Fizzy, when you complete your homeschool math unit perfectly, you can earn a trip to


Not only did Fizzy complete her math unit of forty lessons... she completed ten extra lessons to make sure her trip was in the bag. That child of mine really wanted to fly like a bird.

The day finally came... and we marched into I FLY...

Just seeing that tube with an instructor flying two stories high, stopped me in my tracks, but not Fizzy. She had a moment of shyness but put on the suit and helmet, swirling just off the ground. Not to be outdone by her instructor, she said...

"Take me to the top!"

"We call that HIGH FLY," the instructor said. Check out the video below...

Fizzy had so much fun, she asked to take four friends for her Sixth Birthday Celebration. Only one of her friends decided it was out of her comfort zone. She was in good company with me because I wouldn't go in that tube if you paid me! Felicity has the guts and glory in our family.


This story, photos, and video of Felicity were sent in by Natasha and Zach Thompson, Sacramento, CA.


Children know exactly the adventures they want to embark on... and what they're capable of... even at five years old! The tenacity that has them reaching for the stars and flying to the heavens... leaves us asking...


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