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Brooks shoved our cat, Lennon, into his chest of nine drawers.

"Mommy, look what my kitty can do!"

He shut the bottom drawer with the cat inside, counted to three, and opened it. Lennon was gone!

"What have you done?" I almost yelled.

Brooks giggled and put his finger to his lips to shush me! He counted to three again and opened the top drawer.

"Oops! Not there."

He slammed the drawer shut and opened another.

"Oops! Not there."

He opened and slammed shut three more drawers and I began to get anxious. But then... another drawer... and...

"There you are!" He giggled and petted Lennon.

Before I could grab Lennon, Brooks shut the cat in the drawer and when he opened it, Lennon had disappeared yet again.

"See, he's playing hide 'n seek with me!"

"After you find Lennon, would you like some lunch, Brooks?"

"Okay. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich sounds good, Mommy."

"Let's get Lennon out of your clothes first!"

After a few more drawer openings, Lennon popped out and ran to the closet. Brooks took off after him. By the time I dug Brooks out of the closet, I needed a PB & J as well. Lennon was still on retreat.

"Maybe Lennon needs a break, Brooks. Let's eat lunch and maybe you could get him to take a nap with you."

"No thanks, Mommy. No naps for me. But I'll let Lennon get a little rest. Me and that kitty have things to do after lunch."


This story and photo of Brooks were sent in by Cheri and Justin Lingafelt, Oak Ridge, NC.

I love the games children create. There's always a twist on an old game, making it new somehow... especially when animals are involved. The bundle of energy, otherwise known as a child, can keep us in awe of this wonderful world and how they see it. I am filled with amazement when I watch children and often find myself pondering...


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