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Halloween always brings a charge of energy. Flynn runs around the house like an Eveready Battery. Honestly... it's exhausting! I love my kid, but sometimes I need a way to slow the live wire!

We went shopping for Flynn's Halloween costume and found glow-in-the-dark pajamas. He ran around the house and tried every closet to see the jammies glow.

"Come look, Mom. I'm charging my PJ's."

"Flynn, you have to lie on the floor to recharge your jammies so they will glow bright!" I couldn't believe I was fibbing to my son, praying for a small break.

Flynn was on the floor for as long as he could keep his little body still. Then, he was off and running! This bought me three minutes... long enough to sip some coffee!


This story and photo of Flynn were sent in by Cameron and Joseph Ligon.

I love how a child's mind works. Their thoughts are energy... channeled to the universe... even to their jammies. I am filled with awe, watching a child at play. I find myself pondering...

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