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Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Goes Better With Music!

Chocolate ice cream goes with anything! It is an especially good pairing with "Wheels On The Bus," Theo's favorite.

Theo is a bit obsessed with "Wheels On The Bus." I never knew there were so many versions of the song and so many different color buses on the video... keeping Theo spellbound.

As long as Theo can get chocolate ice cream close to his mouth without taking his eyes off of the screen, he is a happy toddler...

... and so is Riley... our dog... waiting for the best time to swoop!


This story and photo of grandchild, Theo, and dog, Riley, were sent in by Ron and Debbie Blum, Houston, Texas.

Kids have amazing concentration. Their sense of wonder supersedes everything around them... even a furry friend, ready for a treat. I laugh when I think…

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