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Three Billy Goats!

Brooks loves animals! He's constantly dragging our kitty, Lennon, around. We have two Weimaraner dogs, Regan and Piper, both being Brook's watchdogs since birth. We recently moved to a farm with lots of room for Brooks to experience the great outdoors as well as more animals.

"Mommy, can we get some billy goats?" Brooks asked.

"That sounds like a good idea," I said. "They will eat some of our weeds growing all over this farm. They might even nibble your toes!"

"No!" Brooks giggled. "They'll just kiss my toes!"

Not long after, we were able to get three goats, two billy goats and one she-goat, which was fine with Brooks. We decided on 'Rapper' names to be silly. Biggie Small is the smallest goat. Then we have Luda, short for Ludacris, and Snoop Dog, known best as Snoop.

Being a fashionista, naked goats wouldn't do, so I had to do a little shopping! Still looking for that special sweater for Luda!

We added to our animal collection with a bull and a cow. Their names are Romeo and Juliet. As well as being music buffs, we are quite the romantics too.

Our menagerie of animals is complete... for the moment. We'll see where this leads... or what Santa brings!

This story and photo of Brooks were sent in by Cheri and Justin Lingafelt, Oak Ridge, NC.

I love how children relate to animals. There is such a genuine affection that melts the heart. Children don't see animals as lesser beings, but relate to them on their own level, giving animals the respect they deserve. This seems to be where love magic happens. I revel in this wonder. I often find myself pondering... THE KID DID WHAT?


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