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Go Better with Ice Cream

“M-m-m-m-m, good," Flynn purred. "I sure love ice cream."

"Me too," I said. Ice cream dribbled down Flynn's chin onto his shirt. "It's just us boys today. Mommy's missing out." Flynn and I were busy with guy stuff while my wife, Cameron, was busy with work.

“Dad, can I get some ear buds?"

“Your birthday's coming. We'll talk to your mom."

"That's far away," Flynn said. He dug deeper into his ice cream.

Later that day, Flynn came running out of the playroom.

"Dad, I can't hear so good."

"What do you mean?" I noticed some wadded tissue in Flynn's hand.

"My ear buds aren't working right."

"Your ear buds?"

I looked into Flynn's ear and saw tissue that was so far down, it was like it had been shoved into the nether region of space.

"Buddy... we're going to take a trip to see Dr. Daniel."

"Okay, Dad."

When we got to the doctor's office, Flynn was pretty chill and not upset one bit when the doctor entered the examination room.

"Are you going to hit my knee with that hammer?" Flynn asked.

"We can do that after I take a look in your ear," Dr. Daniel replied.

He proceeded to pull a long piece of tissue out of Flynn's ear.

"Those ear buds didn't work as well as I thought... huh Dad?"


This story and photo of Flynn were sent in by Joseph and Cameron Ligon, Oak Ridge, NC.

If a kid can't get something he wants, he will usually improvise! Sometimes this creativity turns out to be a new kid invention and other times... a trip to the doctor. I love that a child believes he can create anything to make his world better. I am filled with awe when I watch children and most often find myself laughing and asking… THE KID DID WHAT?


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