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Elfin Work

My kids are infatuated with elves! Why? Elves are magical creatures... doing Santa’s work... making toys for kids all over the world.

We have a Christmas Elf that sits on a shelf. Flynn and Remi are obsessed... more Flynn than his little sister. He’s at an age where he eats up magic. When the Christmas season comes, Flynn and Remi watch movies with elves and are on the lookout for anything elfin... dolls... stockings... statues... anything will do.

Geez... my kids want to be elves!

When I mentioned elf pajamas, you would have thought I had promised Santa and all of his elves. I think this idea was better than our Disneyland trip! Who knew? Off to the store we went for jammies... and a group picture of elves. Woohoo... I got my Christmas photo...

...Will the real elf please stand?


This story and photo of Flynn and Remi were sent in by Cameron Ligon, Oak Ridge, NC.

Kids are a hoot! Everything excites them and the magic of the moment. So many lessons from these young minds and the joy that is derived from life. I joyfully wonder... THE KID DID WHAT?

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