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Did you know fairies live at the beach?

"Look, Sissy, a seashell!" Jordan pointed excitedly.

"It's beautiful, Jordy." Charli picked up the broken shell, cupping it in her hand.

They ran to the edge of the surf and let the water clean off their treasure. They carefully put it in a plastic bucket.

A trip to the beach brought wonder to the faces of my twins. I loved seeing them smile as they watched the ocean roar and hunted for trophies in the sand.

"Let's look for more," Jordan squealed. He crawled through the sand, sifting it with his fingers.

Charli and Jordan combed the beach. Another shell went into the bucket... then another... then a piece of driftwood. Soon the bucket was almost filled.

"Look at this one, Sissy." Jordan held out a small conch shell with sparkling sand inside. "Do you want to wash it?"

"NO!" Charli squealed. "It's fairy dust!"

Jordan's eyes opened like a saucer.

"Gotta be careful." He placed the shell gently into their bucket.

"All done." Charli twirled in a circle and then plopped down with a giggle. She pushed her toes through the sand and pointed to the waves as one crashed and came close to her feet.

"The ocean's coming in," I said.

We moved our blanket back, playing tag with the incoming waves, trying to keep the water from catching us and wetting our legs.

"Hurry!" I called. "It's coming!" We all ran, giggling, back and forth to our blanket for safety.

"I'm hungry," Jordan sighed.

"Okay," I said. "Let's go eat."

Upon arriving home, we placed the special seashell on the table as I made lunch. I got Charli and Jordan settled with their food and began searching for something to eat, but the cupboards were bare. There was only a half cup of last night's spaghetti in the refrigerator. Leftovers had never looked so good. I heated the spaghetti and placed it on the table.

While Charli and Jordan were busy eating, I figured I would have a safe thirty-second run to the bathroom. As soon as I returned, I sat to eat my relished morsels. I pulled a noodle to my mouth and bit down on grit. Giggles rang throughout the kitchen.

"Do you like our present?" Jordan asked.

"It's fairy dust!" Charli yelled.

"I don't feel fairy wings sprouting on my back," I said. "But I do taste fairy dust in my mouth." They cackled.

My stomach growled and my hunger grew until it got the best of me. So, I bowed my head... gave thanks... brushed off as much sand as I could... and ate my spaghetti.

I was happy that the fresh air and frolicking caused Charli and Jordan to take an early nap that day because I really needed a break... and a cup of coffee. I am still wondering if fairies live at the beach... and how Charli and Jordan got that fairy dust onto my food without me seeing them. Divide and conquer comes to mind. The other thought that rolls around in my brain... THE KID DID WHAT?


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