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Swamp Dog Sam

Volume 1

The Adventures of
Swamp Dog Sam

Abandoned in the Okefenokee Swamp, Sam must overcome his fear of gators, bears, quicksand and more, if he is ever to regain his family.

VOL-2-SDSamREV 2-9-23.jpg
Volume 2

In the City

Sam must find an animal fixer in the city to fix his broken paw while looking for his runaway brother and discovers home is not a place, but with the ones you love.

Volume 3

Doggy Day

in the Swamp

Sam’s crush on his best friend, a dwarf deer, leads him on a journey through the swamp to save her from an evil buck, and he realizes you don’t have to be the same kind to be a family, you just have to love each other.

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